2003-05-25 - 10:27 a.m.

Just kicking on this nice three day-err weekend. Kicking here in my black ankle high police boots and my grey speedoworkout pants and my Victoria Secret, black bra top and my Giants Jersey, grey, the home jersey.

What is on my plate for today?..

I have my sticky bun in the oven, lol, from Mollie Stones MarketmMm, good. In the time it took me to do up thise links for this post i have finished eating my sticky bun, awesome. To wash it down with Olvaltine is the shiznic.

Looks like it's going to be overcast here all day. I guess i'll dig through the DVDs and see what i want to watch.

bb later.

2003-06-07 - 05:26 p.m.

Chores, chores and more chores, thats it, sushi time.

2003-06-16 - 10:08 p.m.

I'm up, it's dark, it's late, well..?

2003-08-13 - 11:21 a.m.

OK, I have taken my sweat ass time in writing here, but, but, i've been busy. Ok, not that busy. Not enough time, too much emotion, I am back.. Back Gothing that is. Got all made up and headed out around 10pm, to be fashionably late to.. Death Guild The place was jumping, i was surprised. I had not seen 'Big Heart City' bar that crowded, ever. What a great night out. The DJ, Christine Death was fanominal, to say the least. You can find out more about her at.. Perkigoth I know Tuesdays are going to be hard getting up early for now on. Do i hear my favorite goth clothing stores calling my name?!

2003-08-18 - 3:28 p.m.

Hair is up.. Collar is on.. Gloves are snug.. Corset is tied tight.. Down with the stockings.. ..and up with the fucking skirt little girl is ready :p

2003-08-26 - 3:00 p.m.

Hey! What's up? Just kicking here on my favorite day of the week. I finally found out that i can't have my PS2 in the 'line in' at the same time i have my usb in the 'line out', unless i want this horrible humming noise to continue. For the longest time i thought it was my receiver going bad, like the outputs in back might be going. I even upgraded to the 24k gold tip cords. I still want a new Sony Receiver to replace my old sony home theater receiver. My b-day is one day less of a month from now, and "I" will spoil myself with riches.. Ok, so we are all going to Tahoe for my b-day. My whole party-ing family and some select friends will spend three nights in $$$$$ playland. Must do some serious shopping too, if i can find anything that isn't ski related, no tax there ya know. Swimsuit sales should be hot this time of year .<. incert smile here .>.
...:hanging low this week, off all next week:...

2003-10-05 - 6:54 p.m.

It's taco night, mMm! I usually go to Pancho Villa except i go to the one in San Mateo, that link is to the main Taqueria in San Francisco, but still the best you will ever have.

Well, I decided to make tacos at home tonight. Been munchin on all the fixins, all afternoon, LOL.

Lately i have been hanging at Yahoo Games On Demand hella fun site, been playing Hitman 2, fun fun fun. Ok, got to go and kick some ass, bb sooner.