Updates .:
11.25.00 - Red Blood Gothic Radio.. Debuts.
06.15.04 - Red Blood Gothic Radio.. Live365 Editors Pick.
08.30.04 - Special thanks to Realm Gothica
gives site award to
12.29.04 - RED BLOOD Gothic Radio #1 Google Search under Gothic Radio
Search Results
1.25.05 - RED BLOOD Gothic Radio gets it's first promotion at a local venue for the band Attrition
02.08.05 - Red Blood Gothic Radio becomes.. Live365's 3rd in the Gothic genre.
02.23.05 - Red Blood Gothic Radio buys it's dot com
04.10.05 - Acid Tongue Radio Nominated for 'Best Unheard Station' at LIVE365.com
Acid Tongue Radio
I will be attending the
Awards held on 4-30-05 in Burlingame, CA @
Embassy Suites
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
reaches upper echelon of over-all stations
Ranks #2 in Genre
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio achieves
9000 Total Listening Hours in one month.
LadyJ, interviewed by local paper about both online radio stations at LIVE365
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio starts writing bands reviews for Northeast In-Tune zine
Upgraded RED BLOOD to double the server space for mp3 files.
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio designs it's first business card for distribution. 1000 cards printed.
Logo Contest Winner!
RED BLOOD'S first $100.00 Logo Contest.
Kernodles at MySpace
MLadyJ Djs in Second Life
I just landed my first DJ'n job in Second Life
Club Omega, a virtual dance club in SL. Come hear me LIVE!!
..::cont::.. MLadyJ Djs in Second Life
I just landed my second DJ'n job in Second Life
Sub Zero is the club. I do hope to see you there sometime.
A all new Club Omega has been resurrected in Secondlife. Pop on over to the mypace page at Club Omega
and add yourself if you are already in Secondlife and love the club.
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio link added to
Gothic Underworld
website. Take a look under Dark Music.
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio goes VIP ONLY!!
Station Donations have dwindled off thus causing station to go broke for FREE Playback.
PLEASE help to bring back FREE play, donate NOW!
Send Song Requests to
Web Master
make a request
Link to Red Blood Gothic Radio (send me a message)