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..::Artist/Listener Input::..
rob Dommergue
I like your stations very interesting, reminds me of the smell of fog machines and hot girls in latex, vinyl and leather getting spanked by cat and nine tails while there neon green and red extensions wave wildly in the air. At the Hank III show after party.
Dj Snake Nation
Hey, just wanted to drop a quick note saying thanks for turning me onto Collide, I've become a big fan. Take care, Matt C.
Found your webcast this morning and LOVE IT. I hope to become a regular.
Thanks for your efforts. David
Dear Ms Lady Jewel, Like many other listeners, I am disillusioned with broadcast radio and quite bored with the limited offerings on iTunes. Your dark music station has been like a breath of dead air that has been greatly needed.
Continued best wishes and success on your Red Blood station!
Mike V
Hidden Sanctuary
Your playing great music!!! From the Original Goth Officer.
Steven Summy
Military Science Department
California State Univ., Long Beach
hello, red blood is on e of my favorite stations on live365, and i was wondering where to find certain bands and groups i've never even heard of that are played on red blood, are some of them local?.....i would like to buy thier cd's if i knew where to find them
Dear DJ, As another hurricane is going who knows how close to my poor city I find I am a wreck, and the one thing helping for courage and calm is this music. Normally I'd be writing from my Tulane account.
"How well you've been caught to support your oppression."
To the point. I love Red Blood radio. It's my favorite. I am also requesting just for the heck of it more Type O Negative. Once again. I love Red Blood radio. Keep up the great work. Sincerely Jerry.
You have fabulous taste, I really enjoy listening to your selections. We have similar prefrences with music. Your are bloody good.
Your radio station kicks ass! I've been listening off and on all year. I only listen to this station because it is so good. Thanks for sharing your music with others. Rock on,
Hi, could you please send me your mailing adress? I LOVE this band Revolver Modele and would like to send you a CD to possibly add to your playlist. They remind me of joy division yet dancier.
Minneapolis, MN
Not used to commenting. But I just wanted to say Great Stuff on Blood Red Radio. Used to go to a couple of Goth Clubs such as Death Guild. Been in Santa Cruz now for over a year and well I still get my Gothic Music fix because of your station. I miss the culture and the people. Believe it or not but I just finished the Phelbotomy program at Cabrillo community college and as soon as I take the state test I can draw people's blood for a living, no kidding. Anyway love the music, just wanted to let ya know. Your an interesting mystery to me. A friend of mine Michelle got me into Gothic Music and never looked back. Anyway good luck, and hope your holidays are drama free.
A Fan
Mearry christmas from germany and thanks for the music!!!
Hi, been listening to you for some time. Thanks for all your hard work.
Keep the faith.
Hello ~LadyJ,
Thanks for keeping our music alive! The band really appreciates you uploading the songs and assisting with your support. Let me know if there is anything else we can do in the future.
Thanks again,
Band Manager
Lateral Tension
Hello from the band! Thank you for the listing. The album is finished now and will be available in stores late February. We will send you a copy free of course! Kepp in touch and let us know where to send! You are very helpful in our efforts and love your websites and appreciate your support!
All the Best!
singer/songwriter Girl Loves Dead Boys
hey sexy cool assed station rock on :) keep up the cool rocking music !!
Hello :D I just wanted to write to say thanks for this wonderful station. I listen to it every day and it really brings me back to my, er, misspent youth. Awesome music!
Thanks again,
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