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By: Dj MsLadyJewel
June 26, 2008

Highly rated as one of the top dark stations on Live365, Red Blood GothicRadio has quite a listener base. Webcasting throughout the world via, Red Blood Gothic Radio delivers the best in Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Future-Pop and more. Webcasting 24/7 so be sure to tune in!

Once again I stress upon the listeners to meet me in the Red Blood Gothic Radio Chat room Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights for the stream link to hear me broadcast LIVE. I will also be taking your song requests via the chat room. Click on into the chat room at anytime to leave your requests as the chat info will remain. I would love to hear from the listeners and take your requests during my LIVE broadcasts. Do pop on over to the chat room and lets hook up and talk music. If you’re a band or artist, please pop on in to the chat room and lets talk about a possible LIVE show in I would love to help you set up and get your gig scheduled at Club Omega Kraftwerk. If your releasing a new CD, get a hold of me and we can do a promo at the online club in SecondLife. Do contact me from my MySpace Page or email listed here.

Reviews by GothLordJ

Spanish Ambient/New Age musician Salva Moreno has seen his musical style slowly gravitate toward Gothic/EBM over the course of 9 albums. Psicodreamics chooses mythology and fantasy for the bulk of its subject mater. Beginning with a typically expansive airy sound on his first couple of independently released efforts, his sound gradually began take on a more mysterious, darker tenor. This transition began to get more pronounced on his 2000 release ‘The Garden’. The album proved to be his most popular to that point. It’s follow up “Azhdark Pssion” raveled a similar path. Based upon the novel “Night Master” by Tanith Lee, it also includes dark interludes, along side tinkling sweet melodies, sometimes within the song. But it was his album “Theatre des Vampires” that Psicodreamics set both feet squarely in the Gothic realm. Using echoing choral arrangements along side brooding synthesizer pieces it is by no mean an oppressively heavy endeavor. In fact, none of the music implies doom or overt pretentious themes one might expect from any album with ‘Vampires’ included in the title. Typically lilting and ethereal it evokes imagery and mood without being overbearing. It’s music even your Mom could tolerate. Psidreamics took a step back from this theme by the next album, again focusing on a mysterious ‘faireworld’, that might could hold equal appeal to some in some regards. This year saw a compilation album of popular tracks from previous albums. Psicodreamics music is perhaps most similar to the bands Enigma or Delirium.

Translated, Eisbrecher means ‘Icebreaker’. Indeed, a worthy definition of a band that contributed to the growing “Neue Deutsche Härte” (New German Hardness) movement, a sub-genre of electronic/metal, along with groups like ‘Rammstein’, ‘Subway to Sally’, and ‘Oomph!’ Founding members singer Alexx Wesselsky and guitarist Noel Pix both alumni from the German alternate metal band ‘Megaherz’, founded Eisbrecher in 2003, and were signed to the Dancing Ferret label in the U.S.. Their self-titled debut appeared the following year, and leaned toward the electronic side when compared to their work with ‘Megaherz’. Their follow up two years later saw the group relying more on their metal roots, with a much harder sound. It also spawned two of their more pular songs, ‘Vergissmeinnicht’ (Forget me Not) with it’s equally a s popular Gothic oriented video, as well as ‘Leider’ ( Regrettably). The pair is supported by four side members to fill out their sound when performing live. Currently, fans are eagerly awaiting their third effort, which is slated for a release in August, and most recently, the group has been touring Eastern Europe. Much of their material is supplied by the mysterious non-member ‘M. Smart. More than competenat in their niche, but hardly groundbreaking, Eisbrecher is assured of dedicated fanbase in their native Germany, as well with fans of Dark Metal related music, everywhere.

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TOP 10 TRACKS AS OF 6-26-08

Rasputina - Remnants of Percy Bass
The Cure - Meat Hook
Vernian Process - The Last Express
Orchards & Vines - In The Darkness
The Mission UK - Deliverance
Stone 588 - Poseidons Grace
Snakeskin - I Am The Dark
She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want to Fall in Love
Queen Adreena - Hide From Time
Mopmonster - Icy Iron Grey Eyes


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