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RED BLOOD Gothic Radio


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Broadcasting the best of Gothic Rock, Industrial, Black Metal and Indie music,  Red Blood has several different playlists.  “Resurrection” playlist features more extreme, metal tracks, as the “Fading Light” playlist features more ambient/ethereal music.  Over 400 tracks, ever changing playlists formed from listener demand.  Artists and fans alike are always encouraged to submit material for station review and possible air-play on RED BLOOD Gothic Radio.



Martin Bowes has had this coming for a long time.  As the frontman for the U.K. based “Attrition,” Bowes has toured Europe extensively with a variety of line ups for a quarter century. Their foray in to the fledgling days of the electronic music scene was inspired partly from necessity. A frequently absent drummer forced them to begin use a drum machine. Pared down to a trio in recent years, Bowles distinct whispered growl, punctuated by the soaring female vocal accompaniment, has become their hallmark. Experimental electro/industrial tinged with classical undertones.


Like Brian Eno with an axe to grind, his vocals simmer and seethe against varying array of beats and found sounds. His female counterparts over the years have included the like of Julia Niblock-Waller, Marianne Teunissen, Christine Reid, and most recently, Liz Green from Swarf. Introduced to American audiences mainly through the release of the "Recollection", this compilation of the bands first five years would usher in a long prosperous run with Projekt Records.


Most recently, they have gained attention with the release of the song "Two Gods" from their latest endeavor, "Dante's Kitchen".



Last year's darkwave wunderkind Anders Magna must know to strike when the irons hot. Quickly on the heals of his successful debut "One Up for Dying", the release of "Left of an All-Time Low" largely manages to avoid the sophomore jinx. The slick sounding self-produced album is denser and delivered more deliberately than it's predecessor. A cover of Merciful Fate's


'Gypsy' shows Magna isn't afraid to take a chance. While consistently appealing, it can tend to become formulamatic at times. Magna dropped on to the scene out of nowhere in April of last year becoming a download darling. He toured the east and south extensively in support of the album. Owing as much to likes of Depeche Mode as The Cure or Bauhaus, his danceable darkwave ranges lilting ballads, like 'Dying's' 'Heart of Black' to the follow-up's throbbing synth-laden title track. Magna may resemble Greg Allman, but sounds like David Sylvain or Gary Numan with a hint of Iggy Pop.   Hailing from North Carolina, the group recently expanded to a four piece.


Minneapolis based High Blue Star is hoping an expected follow up to their self-titled 2003 debut will have their fortunes looking to the skies. The duo consists of the sonically blessed Laurie Reade and multi-instrumentalist Brian Green, who produced the album. Something akin to an acid cabaret , or  perhaps and industrial influenced 'Dead Can Dance', their smooth synth based sound and intellect image should gather them quite a following as they gain momentum.


Often pegged as 'trip-hop' they can at times provoke a dark tension beneath Reade's rapturous voice that draws the listener in on every note.



RED BLOOD Gothic Radio

TOP 10 TRACKS AS OF 2-28-2006


  1) Wolfsheim - Once in a Lifetime

  2) Architect's Eye - Still Life

  3) Beborn Beton - Another World

  4) The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid

  5) Rosetta Stone - Adrenaline

  6) Lycia - In a Lonely Place

  7) Lost Signal - Regret

  8) Gary Numan - Dawn in the Park

  9) Blutengel - Black Roses

10) She Wants Revenge - Tear You Appart