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Current Issue: VOL. 3 - NO. 1 January 18th – February 14th, 2006

RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
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By: Dj Ms Lady Jewel

News - Views - Reviews

Always spinning your dark favorites 24 hours a day, we appreciate your feedback and loyalty to RED BLOOD Gothic Radio. The station received its largest donation to date from a loyal VAMP. A playlist has been created in his honor and can be found on the station’s page, at live365, under Station Schedule.

Once again, LIVE365 has created a new beta version of their ViP Player365 Presets, skins, EQ, and discography. Download yours now.

Currently we are promoting Attrition’s return to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Please do contact the station if you are interested in participating in that promotion. Attrition

BANDS! Please, contact the station with your touring information and press kits as the station staff is available to help ensure your tour to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area is a success.

With the ever increasing demand for CD review by the station administrator, all material (mp3s) from interested artists and bands will need to be mailed to the station for review and possible upload to RED BLOOD Gothic Radio. Please, email the station for the stations mailing address. Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.


By: GothLordJ


Some bands loom larger in legend. Referenced and eluded to, they live in the memories of those lucky enough to have seen a show, or owned a long out of print album. Enrapture may personify that kind of description. Not to be confused with the possibly better-known Scottish Death Metal band that also bares the name. Enrapture would be all but unknown were it not for their My Space page. Now a seeming requirement for any inspiring musician. Precious little information is really available about them. The San Jose California based group seemed to have come in to being around the turn of the century, and became a favorite on the nefarious, and gained the notice of Lady. Down tempo darkwave, based largely around synthesized based beats and melodies. They managed to be both familiar and unique. Their songs could be considered catchier and more than many similar acts, than and now. Songs like 'Sista Darknez' and 'Now she Only Comes in Dreams' garnered them a small but dedicated following, and quickly steered them to a niche. Tightly produced, their flowing ambient instrumentals were translucent soundtracks to dream by. was almost a community to itself early on, and was the case with so many bands, Enraptures reputation grew as much by word of mouth as anything else. Their popularity was fueled by the then growing EBM scene, and these elements, combined with all-important timing, made them significant and influential. This didn't translate to direct success as one might think. Due perhaps the rampant parity, as well as swell of new music flooding the Internet, Enrapture was largely lost in the shuffle. Never signed, only slightly promoted. They seemed content to live in the veil of relative obscurity. Indeed, even their own My Space page offers only intriguing clues about the band. It cites 6 members, yet not a single name or picture. Besides providing a long absent outlet for their work, it also offered a cryptic clue to the status of the band, in the quote: "left with these memories." Has Enrapture slipped out of existence? Is this actually sign of a come back? In any case fans remain Enrapture.

My Scarlet Life

"Trypnotica", the title of their second CD, may be as concise as a description of My Scarlet Life as you can get. Like Enrapture, a lot of their popularity stemmed from Internet exposure. Unlike Enrapture, their brief somewhat turbulent existence is well documented. Formed by Preston Klink following the demise of strange pioneering 'Big Hat'. Similar but more accessible, My Scarlet Life could be compared to Miranda Sex Garden. The dual female vocals of Julie (Axis) Schreiber and Christy Cameron Smith draw obvious comparisons, if only remotely to Switchblade Symphony. MSL have a wide variety of influences and instruments, evident throughout every track. Flashes of brilliance are tempered with shades of pretentiousness though. Swirling layers of thematic rhythms, they held the power to captivate or annoy. MSL lineup solidified in 1996, with Amy Spina and Paul Fini filling out the band. 'Trypnotica', while technically their second release, but first with this lineup, was a key entry in the progression of more upbeat danceable music that was not industrial in some way. Skirting the definition of Gothic in many respects, it owed more to 'shoegazing'. It employed everything form Middle Eastern to Hip Hop in their repertoire, and gained attention as quite a live act. The following years' "Buzzbomb" followed up in the same vein with rewarding results. Scriber and Smith's vocal s sparkle, and Klinks use of sampling is near perfect. Arguably the bands zenith, it contained "Black Limbo" and the great "Reflection", played on Red Blood Gothic Radio. The album has a harder edge, and is considerably less experimental than Klinks work with Big Hat. 'Danse Amour', a remix album, was released the same year. The group’s final album, 'Infatred' was released in September of 1999. It showed something of a return to earlier form, and showcased some of their best vocals yet, particularly the haunting 'So Frail'. Shortly after its release, vocalist Schreiber departed the group, effectively bringing this carnation to an end. They lasted a scant three years, all told. Klink dropped the 'My' and slogged on as 'Scarlet Life'. To a small extent, MSL served as bridge between that elusive danceable darkwave groove and the multi-faceted world beat techno that would become more of an influence in may bands later on. Undermined somewhat lineup changes, inconstant material, and perhaps too much diversity than is good for hold a band, they deserve notice.


"Underground Light Machine" the album from L.A.'s Cindergarden maybe be one of the best Gothic debuts of the year. A trio fronted by the alluring Jaymie Valentine (vocals, programming) and backed by guitarist/bassist Anthony Lamantia and percussionist Nick Liberatore, the album is filled with well-crafted, though not elaborate, tunes of varying texture. Sinewy vocals, are framed against a restrained tech no accompaniment. Accessible, compelling, well produced, and thoughtfully conceived Cindergarden shows the earmarks of a band with the ability to capitalize on their growing potential. Valentine's haunting vocal style and lyrical ability make her something of a Gothic Tori Amos. The album is brimming with outstanding songs like 'Mask of Silence' 'Ubiquitous' and 'Dirty Ritual'. An outstanding piece of Goth Electronica, never afraid to acknowledge a debt to darkwave predecessors, while retaining their own sound. Recently signed to the Projekt label, they are beginning to get widespread airplay. A wonderfully packaged CD and top notch website also lend the bands appeal. Anyone fortunate enough to hear them will likely share this optimism and the hope for more from this great group.

TOP 10 Tracks as of 10-30-06

Autumn - Even Now
Tabula Rasa - Trilium
Motograter - Down
Dead Can Dance - Arabian Gothic
The Great KAT - Sarasate's Zapateado
Revolver Modele - The Ache
Wench - Wasteland
Switchblade Symphony - Clown
Type O Negative - Love you to Death
Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister

Top 10 tracks, thanks to your VOTES.
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