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Current Issue: VOL. 3 - NO. 1 January 18th – February 14th, 2006

RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
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By: Dj Ms Lady Jewel

News - Views - Reviews

We are currently only offering the station at a high bite rate (cable/dsl needed to listen). Soon we will be offering all the great sounds of RED BLOOD Gothic Radio at a lower bite rate for those of you with slower connection speeds.

Please contact the station if you would like to submit your music. We prefer the best quality .mp3 available. That can be done through email and or snail mail. Station address available upon request.

Here at RED BLOOD Gothic radio, we aim to please. Over 600 tracks to please your darkest desires. We here at RED BLOOD take GREAT pride in bringing you the best of today’s music mixed with the best of yesterday’s greats.


By: GothLordJ


In the fall of 2000, vocalist Saskia van Heugten and drummer Mauro Pi teamed up with bass guitar and synthesizer playing brothers Pol Bannier and Stijn Bannier, thus forming the Dutch band 'Morning. Following the release of a pair of independently released demo EPs, 2001's 'Little Moves' and the following year's 'Circle of Power', the bands guitarist departed. The band compensated by initiating a dual attack, in the persons of Martin Brauwers and Bas Rensen. This solidified the bands sonic, medium-speed metal flavor. The band themselves describe their sound as 'dream metal', combining aspects of prog rock, and 'fantasy' metal among their ingredients. Indeed, many of their tunes sound like backing tracks for perspective 'Heavy Metal III', if a tad under-produced for the task. At times, van Heugten vocals are pushed to their sonic limits contending with the string borne barrage. Yet, to the still developing bands credit, they largely mange to discipline themselves, and restrain their bravado to elements of the arrangements. The band released a third EP 'Inside' in the summer of 2003, with the augmented line up. Morning's consistent output and perseverance paid off at last, when they signed by Black Lotus Records. They quickly assembled the cream of their evolving efforts along with newer material would consist their debut 'Hour of Joy'. It showed potential and growing promise for a band just now finding its collective focus. It is somewhat fascinating how the culmination of this variety of conscience style enters the fringes of Gothic music. Virtually unknown at the moment, their next effort could easily steer them either way with that given audience. For the moment however, they prove worthy choice of investigation as far as fans of Goth metal go.

Deathline International  

Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992, this group has tenaciously maintained their style, despite the swirling changes of taste around them. It hasn't been an easy road, either. Formed by German vocalist 'Count Zero', following his departure from the band 'Die Wilde 13', D.I. has become something more of an ensemble than a band. Shortly after their formation, they were included on a CyberCore compilation album. Signed to COP International following year they debuted with 'Reality Check' sporting a roster of 15 credited musicians and contributors. 1994 saw the release of the EP 'Venus Mind Trap", which included an inspired parodous cover of the old TV theme 'Rawhide'. This ushered in the D.I. tradition of including at least one cover on most of their subsequent releases. Also, at this time Bassist John Kong Carson departed the band. Signed to COP International, they released 'Zarathoustra' to the most notice yet. It included much of the material from the 'Venus' EP, along with several new songs and led to revamping of the entire lineup. Gone were long time vocalists Maria Azevedo and Kim X. The Count took a year to regroup, and led to revamping of the entire lineup. Gone were long time vocalists Maria Azevedo and Kim X. 'Arashi Syndrome' came out in 1997 with a severely cropped lineup. The album saw the group realize even more critical and popular notice. It also saw the departure of key member Will Spawn., who went on to focus on other projects. The band was on something of a hiatus again through 1998, while Count Zero pursued production assignments. It's during this time, while producing fellow lablelmate 'Soil & Eclipse' (coincidental, reviewed here last month) that the Count meets G.W. Childs, and convinces him to come on board as percussionist. In 1999, the Count also brings new member Chris Mo, known as M.O. in to the fold. However, the only interest in the group is from Mattel, who includes the group's music in their 'Rock 'em Sock 'em' video game. In 2001, the new line up finally embarks on a West Coast tour in support of the new album 'Cybird'. Any further progress is temporarily halted when Count Zero is deported by U.S. government officials, possibly due to the bands vocal political posturing. Upon returning to the U.S. the following year, work begins on a fifth album. Tentatively titled 'Pax America', it has been slow in coming, and is now over a year over due from its original projected release date. On the whole, Deathline International is exciting and accomplished, but like a certain continuity to push them that last length. Their compositions sometime become entangled in their attempts to be political statements. Described by 'All Music Guide' as being a cross between Skinny Puppy and the Human League, D.I. has failed to find their own niche anywhere in between. While far from mediocre, they have yet to make that step of pulling in a bigger audience. One hopes the time and effort taken with the new album could change all that. Although it is hard to see where, after all this time, Deathline International will have any extraordinary left to offer.


The Columbus Ohio based band came into being in the middle of the Grunge trend of the mid-nineties. A hard time to stir interest in an, understated, burgeoning Gothic band. Vocalist Christopher Gray, guitarist Gary Thrasher and keyboard/bassist Erin Grooms fished around for like-minded musicians before adding second guitarist Andy McFerrin. This line up was behind the group’s initial effort, the EP 'The Zero Decade'. They played in support of several groups, and the single 'Her Ghost" began to receive a bit of airplay on Midwestern college radio. However, Gossamer was yet another band plagued by shifting line ups. Shortly after the release of the EP, McFerrin briefly left the group, only to return to replace Thrasher. McFerrin left again within the year, to be replaced by keyboardist Timothy Flowers, and bassist James Bahleda, while Erin took over the guitar duties. Conflicts between Flowers and Gray's style showed clearly on the 'Memoirs' EP, but within the year, Flowers had also departed. Again reduced to a trio, they recruited new keyboardist John McCluskey, and producer/guitarist Brent Grooms (no relation to Erin). "Sweetest Misery" was this line up's initial foray. Gossamer then set about releasing a compilation of area bands on their own 'I.D.Entertainment' label. They embarked on their first full length LP with Goth legend Wayne Hussey at the helm. The sessions spawned the sublime classic 'Run', but there was still more dissent ion in the ranks, when both bassist Bahleda and Brent Grooms left the band shortly after its completion. Erin Grooms switched back to bass, and guitarist Michael Manard was brought in, and touring continued. Meanwhile the bands reputation received some bolstering by means of the growing Internet music scene. The song "Shell Full of Sand" became among the top Gothic downloads on'Run'

Trance to the Sun  

Yet another version of the ever popular 'She sings He plays' duo. This band too, suffered through a litany of shifts before eventually meeting their demise. Their story began in 1989, in Santa Barbara, originally as an incarnation of an instrumental project. Ashkelon Sain and Zoe Alexandra Wakefield are the he and she comprising the maiden version of 'Trance to the Sun'. In 1990, they release the self-produced 'Volcano', this garners them enough attention to be eventually signed by the now, sadly defunct Tess Records. In the meantime, Ashkelon was co-founder of one-album-wonders 'Blade Fetish', which occupied most of his time throughout 1992. Sain's attentions were further diverted for a short time with a stint in 'This Accession' (previously reviewed). However, their first release on the label took the form of a limited release live album 'Ghost Forrest', almost four years later. 1995 saw the bands first chance to record a complete studio album with "Bloom Flowers, Bloom!" A collection of ten tracks, it is uneven, at times unimpressive compared to previous compositions. It seemed to some that at last 'Trance' had hit their stride with their next release 'Venomous Eve' on their own newly founded Ambulancia label. By this time, Trance's music was delving much more into the electro pantheon of post-prog shoe gazing music. The album featured the addition of two supporting musicians to the group. Violinist Anna Schott and keyboardist Lucian S. Donato. A triumph by most standards, it showed a quiet confidence, and a certainty of direction that was partially lacking on "Bloom". However, the optimism would prove to be short lived. Following a grueling tour in support of the album, Wakefield abruptly left not only the group, but dropped out of music completely. Left in a lurch, seemingly on the threshold of major success, Sai was forced to regroup, this time bringing on bassist Ashe Ruppe and drummer Mark Blewett in support of new vocalist Dawn Wagner. This line up recorded "Delirious", a radical departure from the territories they previously called their own. Driven perhaps by Sain's own frustrations with the group, it is a more heavy-handed undertaking, with more up tempo songs. Alas, this too would prove the shortest incarnation of the band, lasting a bare 7 months, before Wagner left to form her own 'Scarlet Slipping'. Sain was again by himself, and the album 'Azalean Sea' with new vocalist Ingrid Blue. 'Azalean Sea' left Blue in the unenviable position of trying to fill the shoes of her two predecessors, as well trying to garner the devotion of the bands fans. Given those circumstances, she performed admirably. Her five tracks combined unreleased material from the previous three years. Despite the apparent odds, Blue managed to gain the approval of their fans, and the album was considered relatively successful. About this time, Patrick Osl of the band 'Thantos' (who, incidentally, performs the semi-Goth track 'World with Tigers', that is also on Red Blood radio) came to the aid of the band, by asking them to join his new 'Precipice Recordings'. The new duo of San and Blue set about work on their first work in earnest as the new personification 'Trance', it what was hoped would be a fruitful collaboration with some longevity. They set out on a 28 date tour, with 'Faith and Disease' prior to releasing 'Urchin Tear Soda'. While an improvement production-wise, it was something of disappointment. Noir chamber music of the dark ambient variety, it lacked anything gripping. They embarked on a short U.S. tour, highlighted by headline appearance at 'Convergence VI, in Seattle. The band's next endeavor, which would turn out to be their last, was the album 'Atrocious Virgin'. This too, met with a large degree of approval, but it was not enough to sustain the partnership, and they dissolved in 2001. Drawing obvious comparisons to similar acts such as Faith and the Muse, and Rhea's Obsession (previously reviews) among others, the various incarnations led to some decided preferences of taste. Many fans are likely to have a preference for a particular album or two, while showing disinterest in other offerings, leading to many a lively discussion. While Sain remained the catalyst, successive changes alter elements of the bands sound. The band also contributed scores of tracks to various compilation and tribute albums, notably a popular cover of Bowie's 'China Girl', as well as a faithful brooding, rendition of Pink Floyd's early classic 'Set the Controls for the heart of the Sun" (featured on Red Blood Gothic Radio). Trance to the Sun has become something of reference point of many bands and relative comparisons. Following their demise, Ashkelon Sain teamed up with former 'Blade Fetish band mate to form 'Submarine Fleet'

TOP 10 TRACKS as of 2007.01.03

Attrition - A'dam and Eva
Love and Rockets - Party's Not Over
Sisters of Mercy - Fix
Diary of Dreams - She
Funker Vogt - Shaven
Mopmonster - Icy Iron Grey Eyes
My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River
Orgy - Fiction
Shriekback - Nemesis
Switchblade Symphony - Naked Birthday

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