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Current Issue: VOL. 3 - NO. 1 January 18th – February 14th, 2006

RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio
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By: Dj Ms Lady Jewel

News - Views - Reviews

Always spinning your dark favorites 24 hours a day, we appreciate your feedback and loyalty to RED BLOOD Gothic Radio.

Once again, LIVE365 has created a new beta version of their ViP Player365  Presets, skins, EQ, and discography. Download yours now.

Currently we are promoting Attrition’s return to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Please do contact the station if you are interested in participating in that promotion. Attrition The show is this Sunday, December 3rd at the DNA Lounge  RED BLOOD will be in attendance, hope to see you there.

BANDS! Please, contact the station with your touring information and press kits as the station staff is available to help ensure your tour to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area is a success.   Unfortunately the station is unable to fund your project at this time.  We do not have money available to print flyers, posters etc..  We are willing to help in your promotion by advertising on the station and web sites, as well as distributing flyers and posters at local venues, record stores, local radio stations, online forums, ezboards and other places of similar interest. 

With the ever increasing demand for CD review by the station administrator, all material (mp3s) from interested artists and bands will need to be mailed to the station for review and possible upload to RED BLOOD Gothic Radio. (to ensure best quality recording) Please, email the station for the stations mailing address. Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.


By: GothLordJ

Invisible Asps
Aron Beatty has made himself something of a cottage industry. His primary project, Invisible Asps, has evolved over a decade plus, into a darker electro-ambient affair. A pair of albums exploring not only the outer stratosphere of Gothdom, but  flirting with popular themes ranging from industrial to  Middle Eastern themes. This is not saying Invisible Asps are groping for a sound. Indeed, everything Beatty has attempted show a natural, unforced ease, of someone emoting a theme they are genuinely engaged with, and can competently accomplish. Invisible Asps have toiled in relative obscurity from Beatty's home base of Aurora, Colorado. Both albums have shown a wide array of styles, and feature largely instrumental tunes, and a variety of remixes on both. Highlights include the danceable "You Fell", which invokes a 'NIN meets Love and Rockets" sound, to the sonic march beat of 'Pandemic", conjuring the sound of a manic Aphex Twin. Invisible Asps was among the plethora of bands that profited from notoriety that the early days of the Internet afforded blossoming acts. It was here that the song "A is for Asp" caught the attention of LadyJ for inclusion on Red Blood Gothic Radio.
This was about as close to the Gothic spectrum as Invisible Asps ever approached. Since that time, The Asps have also gained some acclaim with the Nitzer Ebb influenced 'Waiting to Disappear and their current tune "Taste You". In addition, Beatty also lends his bass playing talent to the band "Rousseau's Brush" and is half of the equally obscure duo "Seven Time Lie".
One of the candidates in the 'Futurepop" sweepstakes, along with like bands VNV Nation (previous reviewed), Assemblage 23, and Apoptygma Berzerk lend to the more buoyant end of the Gothic spectrum. 'Fish' (as he is known to pals) is yet another example of the fashionable 'Man As A Band' trend, occupied by this time by German Sascha Mario Klein. . One of a new generation of electronic musicians who did not peruse a label by typical means. Instead, Klein focused his efforts attracting fans through the Internet. Eventually, he was offered the chance to contribute to the compilation album 'A Reflexion of Synthpop'. This eventually led to the accurately dubbed debut 'No Instruments on the Interbeat label'. Klein had earlier in the year had a limited release of the EP "Music for a Paranormal Life", for the TCM imprint, of which much of the material appeared on 'Instruments'. His first release, in 1999, came after years of home experimenting, and patience and careful planning paid off. 'No Instrument was a strong beginning filled with melodic synth in the Depeche Mode category, with a little darker tinge. The album was a modest success, and perhaps more importantly, increased the club play, and consequently, popularity beyond the DSL crowd. "sushi" appeared in 2001, with remixes of singles, and a single new song. A new album appeared the following year," Les Chansons Neurotiques" was a solid follow up, made even more notable for Klein's proclamation that "EBM is Dead" at the beginning of the song 'Prostitute". Klein again took his time before releasing 'Gelb' in 2005. 'Gelb' suffered in comparison to its advance single 'The Bomb' which had capitalized of the stir caused by the 'EBM is ‘Dead' stance. While no means a disaster, it disappoints in its failure to follow up on the spark, the engaging beat that seemed so prominent in the past. A treat for fans will be this years' first domestic release of 'No Instruments'.
Soil & Eclipse
Formed by fellow servicemen, Jay Tye and G.W. Childs, in least dark of surroundings, Hawaii, in 1996. Jay Tye is blessed with an angelic voice of nearly operatic range. A demo tape caught the attention of COP International, and soon they found themselves working on their Rommell Regulacion (Razed in Black) produced debut, 'Necromancy' which was released the following year. The end of their respective tours of duty ended, and the two found themselves separated briefly, before relocating their base of operations in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Rafiel. Reunited, they completed work on their follow up 'Meridian". This time produced by fellow stable mate, Nerve Factor's Maurice Jackson, was eventually released in 1999. More diverse in its approach, some tracks saw Tye aspire for chanteuse, with soaring feature tracks like 'Piano Song'. The album was generally well received, and with months, a new album, largely of remixes appeared. 'Archetype' fared well as remix albums go. Using all their collective production know-how, and enlisting the help of previous collaborators, S&E mostly avoided the mishaps of redundancy remix albums can lead to. It was 2002 by the time a new entry of all new material appeared. Nine new songs, and three remixes filled 'Purity'. Drawing from its predecessors, it fulfills the pair’s potential, yet it really doesn't break any new territory. The song 'Sentence Me' is featured on 'Red Blood Gothic Radio'. Soil and Eclipse obviously owe much to the synthesizer bands of the '80. Some of their songs could be slipped right in to “'80's Night" without as much as a hiccup. But they are a lot more varied than that, with much mire to offer than a consistent syncopated beat. When put on the spot for a description, Childs described the duos classically oriented techno sound as 'Post-electro-millennial Renaissance". Given ones taste, Tye's can have the power to inspire, or afflict with great pain. The backing tracks are all relatively danceable, and more than competently produced. They will have to fight hard to distinguish themselves from the enormous pack of faceless dance conglomerations constantly struggling for attention and recognition. Currently, a new album accentuating more of their classically inclinations is reportedly in the works. In the meantime G.W. Childs is also a member of the band 'Deathline International', who is shortly to release an album as well.
TOP 10 TRACKS as of 2006.11.25
Love Like Blood - Kiss and Tell
My Scarlet Life - Reflection
Juno Reactor - Navras
Diary of Dreams - Bird in Darkness
Type O Negative - Be My Druidess
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt
Rhea's Obsession - Spill Elxir
Genitorturers - Pleasure in Restraint
Covenant - Dead Stars
Bella Morte - Silver Crosses
TOP 10 TRACKS as of 2006.12.01
Ayria - Horible Dream
Love Like Blood - Kiss and Tell
Gossamer - Run
Juno Reactor - Navars
Android Lust - Panic Wrought
Restricted Area - Turn Like the Devil
My Scarlet Life - Reflection
Diary of Dreams - Blind in Darkness
And One - Dein Duft
The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid

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