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Current Issue: VOL. 3 - NO. 1 January 18th – February 14th, 2006


==== Your Red Blood News ====

Pumping out the new releases and spinning your old favorites 24 hrs a day for your dark desires. The station is ever growing with listener demand. Please do get your requests in as I am always interested in hearing from the listeners and what bands they feel would be a good fit for the station. When submitting mp3s for possible upload, do write to me and request the station’s mailing address, for cds to be mailed to, to best ensure that the best quality track is uploaded for the band. Often I am left with web addresses to seek and find to only come up with demos and or low quality mp3s. Thanks. –LadyJ

==== Your RED BLOOD Reminder ====

Keeping up with the latest in the Gothic/Industrial scene, keeping it fresh and interesting is always our goal, here, at RED BLOOD Gothic Radio Currently over 40 hours of unrepeated music for the masses. Click on in and add yourself to our Frappr Map. We offer RED BLOOD Chat as well. I am often on and would love to chat with you. All bands are encouraged to contact the station when they plan on touring the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, as we do promotions. Do get your ‘Press Kits’ to us in advance to ensure a high fan turn-out at the bands chosen venue/s.

Die Form

As if almost defining a stereotype, 'Die Form' apparently pronounced 'D-Form) is every thing you'd expect from a European S&M oriented band. Whip-wielding leather clad dominatrix and themes of submission and dominance fill their erotic performance art. More notorious for tits than hits, they make a distinct impression making their own little niche in a seamier corner of the Gothic realm. Yet there is more to this band than dancing around the whipping post. Together nearly 30 years now, founders Philippe Fichot and Éliane P have recorded copiously, not to mention side projects. The consistent output managed to secure them an enduring following over time. Like-minded fans founded something of a cult around them, often emulating the sensuous Éliane. They first tasted early success on the German play lists with "Die Puppe" in 1982. Optimum utilization of the then fledgling 'remix' craze gave them opportunities to issue a 12' version, which eventually found it's way into the clubs.

However, sustained popularity was not to be. While they maintained a following, popular interests turned elsewhere. Sometimes perseverance is rewarded, and in the 90's they had something of a renaissance, in the wake of some fine releases on the Hyperium label, and eventually constituted some arousal from U.S. ears with the operatic, 'Cantique' in the early 90's. Soon this found it's way on to American dance floors, and perhaps more notably, it played a part in landing the band with the influential Metropolis Records. Their subsequent release "Duality" in 1997, containing the soon-to-be club staple "Rain of Blood", drew perhaps the greatest attention of the bands career. The starkly erotic album was the high water mark to date. It was also about this time that the inevitable compilations began to rear their rearranged heads. They had released a majority of their material with Normal early in their career, and Hyperium thorough most of the 90's.

Cleopatra was the first to culminate their tracks on a 'major' label. Need less to say, a band as prolific as Die Form is served well by compilations, but their will always be those that will dispute exclusions. Cleopatra’s entry, "Vicious Circles," drew mainly from the Hyperium years. Following up on 'Duality’s success, Metropolis released the sweeping double-disc ‘Histories' in 1999. In alliance with European Tristol label, Metropolis has released much of Die Form’s back catalog.

Much of it having been long out of print. They have since released several more albums, including this years offering 'Ex Human'. The evocative pair not only provides a binding theme for the bondage crowd, but Philippe also is responsible for all them bands erotic, bondage oriented cover art. It's safe to say as long as long as restraint prevails, so to speak, so will this pairs love for it endure. Die Forms Official Site:


TOP 10 TRACKS as of JUL. 3rd, 2006

NIN - Something I Can Never Have
The Creatures - Venus in Furs
Mankind is Obsolete - Still Right Here
Skinny Puppy - Testure
Ex Voto - Scary Monsters
Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Assemblage 23 - Disappoint
Gossamer - Run
The Razor Skyline - Andrea

TOP 10 TRACKS as of AUG. 1st, 2006

Chameleons - Second Skin
Enrapture - Your Every Desire
Love and Rockets - Resurrection Hex
The Creatures - Don't go To Sleep Without Me
Bauhaus - Dog's a Vapor
Ex Voto - Scary Monsters
Shadows to Ashes - Detonation
VNV Nation - Further (remix)
Daniel Ash - Demon Out
The Cure - Fascination Street (extended mix)

Top 10 tracks, thanks to your VOTES.

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