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By: Dj MsLadyJewel
June 2, 2008

Highly rated as one of the top dark stations on Live365, Red Blood GothicRadio has quite a listener base. Webcasting throughout the world via, Red Blood Gothic Radio delivers the best in Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Future-Pop and more. Webcasting 24/7 so be sure to tune in!

Once again I stress upon the listeners to meet me in the Red Blood Gothic Radio Chat room Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights for the stream link to hear me broadcast LIVE. I will also be taking your song requests via the chat room. Click on into the chat room at anytime to leave your requests as the chat info will remain. I would love to hear from the listeners and take your requests during my LIVE broadcasts. Do pop on over to the chat room and lets hook up and talk music. If you’re a band or artist, please pop on in to the chat room and lets talk about a possible LIVE show in I would love to help you set up and get your gig scheduled at Club Omega Kraftwerk. If your releasing a new CD, get a hold of me and we can do a promo at the online club in SecondLife. Do contact me from my MySpace Page or email listed here.

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And One ~
When And Ones founder, Steve Naghavi was born in Iran nearly forty years ago, one could hardly imagine he dreamt of being one of Europe’s top Synthpop leading figures. Named ‘Steve’, due to his father’s admiration for American movie star Steve McQueen, it was likely a good idea when is family fled Iran with fall of the Shah in 1980. Using falsified passports, his family managed to make their way to Germany. Fast forward to 1989. Naghavi meets one Chris Ruiz in a Berlin nightclub. Finding they have a mutual admiration for Depeche Mode, the duos then decide to form a band. Alex Two joins the band by the following year in time for their debut ‘Anguish’. Their release, coupled with a hardy fan base built on touring and appearances, including opening for the seminal German group, “Die Form, garnered them Germany’s “best New Group” in 1991.

Ruiz would depart the band the following year, after the release of their dubiously titled sophomore effort “Flop!, replaced by Joke Jay. At just over a half hour in length, it barely qualifies as an album but did contain the German club hit, “Techno Man.” The group modified their approach, becoming more ‘pop’ sounding on their third effort, “Spot” in 1993. The album included the Song “ Life Isn’t Easy in Germany”, with a portion of the proceeds going to those that presumably could attest to that fact. Alex Two bowed out following the album’s release, with his Spot being taken by Rick Schah, leaving Naghavi as the only original member. This line up would release “I.S.T.” in late 1994, with the EBM ballad “ Driving My Darling” as the single, along with the great song “"Deutschmaschine” ( a Red Blood Gothic Radio staple) released the following year.

The group parted ways with their long time label “Machinery Records”, and were quickly snapped up by the Virgin label, opening whole new avenues for the group, that had until them seen their fan base largely limited to central Europe. The band took their time, taking over a year to craft their first album for the label, “Northhausen” in 1997. The album spawned a pair of singles “Sweety Sweety” and the dark, threatening “Sitata Tirulala”. Virgin also took the opportunity to collect their previous singles for a “Best Of” album. The group released the EP "Maschinenstuermer", along with the single “Get You Closer” to maintain fan’s interest in 1999, before releasing an album titled, perhaps sarcastically, “Virgin Superstar” The band shook things up, and changed their direction a bit, by adding new member Annelie Bertlisson in 2000. The result was a perhaps their most commercial effort to date, but the alum, titled “9-9-99” was not wholly satisfying.

Some perceived this as being a concession to Virgin’s pressure for something that would hold appeal outside of Europe. Perhaps in reaction, Berlisson soon left the band. The lackluster response my have played a role in the bands next single release, the scathing “Amerika Brennt”. The band took something of a hiatus to regroup. The break facilitated the departure of long time sideman Rick Schah, and the return of original member Chris Ruiz and new member Gio van Oli. The band would not release another single until 2003, when “Kreiger” made its appearance. The band had parted ways with Virgin by this point, and signed with good old Metropolis for their stateside distribution, while ‘Out of Line’ handled the European side of things. Their next full length album was the remarkable comeback, of sorts, “Aggressor”. It was their first album not to include at least one song with an English title. The new invigorated line up cracked the big time on a world wide level with song “Military Fashion Show” in 2006, forever enshrining them in the Club Floor-Filler Hall of Fame.

The catchy, if slightly smaltzy single broke them big time, and previous works found legs in States for the first time. It was the leading light on the album “Bodypop”. Two follow up singles missed the mark. At last, they seemed to find their place in the ‘Synthpop pantheon, An EP, titled “Bodypop1 ½” was recently released to follow up on the bands success. A politically conscious group, the band often makes their stance known on international situations, as well as government polices of both Germany and the U.S.

And One

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