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TOP 10 TRACKS as of 11.09.2010

Steinkind P.A.C.K.
Abney Park The Wake
Modulate Kommune
T.H. Industry Scream
Scarlets Remains Fear Not
Kiew Graograman
Imperative Reaction Salvation
My Ruin - Monster
Shnarph - Der Eiertanz

TOP 10 TRACKS as of 12.10.2010

This Ascension - I Wish
This Ascension - Mysterium
Rotersand - Lifelight
Marilyn Manson - Kinderfeld
Gary Numan - Down in the Park
Die Form - Pendulum
Wench - VooDoo
Echoes of Eterity - Voices in a Dream
Abney Park - Dear Ophelia
The Birthday Massacre - Science

Top 10 tracks, thanks to your VOTES.

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